Q. Do I need to retake courses if I’ve already completed them?
A. If you have previously completed courses such as the Culture workshop, you do not need to retake them. Email the Office for Provider Advancement (opa@optum.com) to indicate the course and when you completed it.

Q. My activity requires an Access Code? Where can I find that?
A. Certain activities are not offered to the public. Although there aren’t many of these types of activities, they do require an access code. Please reference your invitation email.

Q: Do these courses offer CME credits?
A: Currently the offerings in the Provider Development Institute do not have CME credits associated. As much of the content is Optum or Optum Care specific, these courses are not eligible for CME. Check out the News & Events page for upcoming courses that offer CME credit through OptumHealth Education.

Q: How is this tied to my career advancement?
A: This program is built to support providers as they develop in their current role and as they make key career transitions. Participation in the program is not a prerequisite for or linked to promotion or career advancement.

Q: Is this program mandatory?
A: The learning paths offered through the Provider Development Institute are not mandatory, but instead are available to providers that are interested in furthering their professional and career development. Note one exception: For those participating in the Optum Partnership Program, the Foundational learning path is a requirement to maintain or attain partnership status.

Q: Who should I share my feedback with?
A: Send suggestions for improvements to existing courses, the addition of new topics, or any other feedback related to the content of this program to the Office for Provider Advancement (opa@optum.com).

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