Effective 31 December 2022 this site will no longer be active. Please work with your respective program to ensure you have the necessary information prior to and after that date. 

For OCRI questions, contact: OCRI@optum.com.

Optum Center for Research and Innovation (OCRI)

Optum Center for Research and Innovation (OCRI) is a collaborative between UHG business units that is focused on supporting Optum local market and business research interests as well as shared enterprise priorities. Our goal is to inform Optum Care’s research agenda while focusing on priorities across the entities that further our strategic objectives of achieving the quadruple aim of affordability, quality of care, patient experience and provider experience. We currently have twelve sites within the Optum Care delivery system that are involved in some level of research with OCRI.

Click here to view the lecture by Dr. Wilson Pace, Chief Medical and Technology Officer of DARTNet Institute, where he discusses some of the benefits of incorporating research into a Practice. His lecture covers practical tips for getting started with research and/or sustaining ongoing research activities.

In this lecture the Optum Center for Research and Innovation (OCRI) in collaboration with the Office of Human Research Affairs (OHRA) provide guidance to distinguish quality improvement projects from clinical research.

Questions? Contact our team at OCRI@optum.com.