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Optumizing Webinar Series:

A Physician Leader Conversation on Black Health and Wellness: In honor of Black History Month, Dr. Kenneth Poole hosted a virtual roundtable discussion on February 21st, 2022 with Dr. Margaret-Mary Wilson, Chief Medical Officer, UnitedHealth Group, Dr. Monte Harris, Medical Director, Enterprise Clinical Services, Optum, and Dr. Carl Allen, Senior Medical Director, Specialist, Optum Nevada about the legacy of Black scholars, medical education, and efforts to create and sustain wellness within Black communities.

Clinician Burnout and Well-Being: Webinar recording hosted by Dr. Kenneth Poole and Amber Manke, Phd, as they discuss clinician burnout, how it is measured, its effects on performance, and the resources available.

Optumizing Women in Medicine:  In honor of National Women Physicians Day on February 3rd, 2022, Dr. Amy Nguyen Howell, chief of the Office for Provider Advancement, moderated a panel discussion with Dr. Lisa Bardack, Chief Medical Officer at Caremount, Dr. Lena Poole, Lead Physician at WellMed, and Dr. Erin Pearson, Urgent Care Physician at MedExpress on the topic of Women in Medicine, including an exploration of the ways that professional growth, medical education, skills development and medical practice can help promote gender equity in medicine and higher quality care for patients.

Patient Experience: Dr. Nancy Yu presents an overview patient experience highlighting its importance and outlining best practices. She shares her perspective around the tremendous impact on experience a care team can have when they embrace the five tenets and encourage learners to think about their role in the patient experience.

Health Equity: This edition took place in April to honor National Minority Health Month. Dr. Amy Nguyen Howell moderates a panel of physicians on the topic of Health Equity and discuses ways it can be advanced for our patients and each other, and how we can create a more diverse workforce and culture that is inclusive of everyone.


Adaptive Leadership Guide: Being an adaptive leader means that you are resilient, engage people in change, and implement innovative solutions that lead to breakthrough performance. This interactive guide allows you to access the resources you need at the time you need them based on the specific challenge you're facing.

Addressing Provider Wellbeing: Recognize the signs and symptoms of provider burnout and gain insight into an organizational approach to addressing this topic.

APC Professional Development Activities: A list of suggested professional development activities for Advanced Practice Clinicians (APCs).

APC Recommended PDI Courses:  Suggested PDI courses for Advanced Practice Clinicians interested in furthering their own development.

Building and Maintaining Trust: Trust is the currency of relationships, and great leaders work to build trust every day. This course helps you build trust by focusing on personal credibility, trust building behaviors, and tools that will help you increase trust with others.

Coaching: Physicians at all levels are essential in coaching, leading, and influencing others. Learn about the importance of physician coaching and steps for developing effective coaching skills.

Collaborating Across Generations: Learn how to overcome generational conflict to allow for collaboration and high team performance.

Emotional Intelligence: In this course you'll learn to define Emotional Intelligence and it’s value professional and personally, describe the science that drives our emotional behavior, especially under pressure, and tactics to manage derailing emotions.

Having Difficult Conversations: We've all had conversations where there's a disagreement or conflict and emotions are high. Those conversations can be difficult--but not impossible. This course will help you to navigate those types of conversations with integrity.

Influencing without Authority: Our ability to influence often determines our success in achieving goals and objectives, especially in the work environment where relationships are critical. In this course you'll learn about barriers to influence, the qualities of an influential person, and the six steps required for influence.

Introduction to Business Acumen: Collectively, the resources in this guide will deepen your knowledge of our business by diving into the metrics used to measure performance. This guide is meant as an introduction to many of these metrics to provide a foundational understanding.

Introduction to Financial Acumen: Collectively, the resources in this guide will deepen your knowledge of our business by diving into the metrics used to measure performance. This guide is meant as an introduction to many of these metrics to provide a foundational understanding.

Leadership Experiences: Use this optional list of on-the-job learning and experiences that are appropriate for this level. You do not need to complete each item on the list. Rather, evaluate those that would be a good fit based on your personal development plan.

Meeting Facilitation: Learn the basics of running effective meetings and facilitating group decision making in this course.

Messaging and Presentation Skills: Whether you aim to inform, persuade, sell, convince, or inspire, your message will only have an impact if you can craft and present it effectively. Those skills can be learned, practiced, and applied to the presentations you deliver at work or in other situations. This course will help you get started.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Videos: Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel 2010 through this series of short, video modules.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Videos: Learn the basics of Microsoft Outlook 2010 through this series of short, video modules.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010: Videos: Learn the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 through this series of short, video modules.

Microsoft Word 2010 Videos: Learn the basics of Microsoft Word 2010 through this series of short, video modules.

New Manager Orientation: This course supports you in transitioning from an individual contributor role into a formal leadership position, including a self-assessment and a tailored transition and development plan.

Provider Interviewing Toolkit: This toolkit provides resources that equip you to successfully conduct provider interviews. The guides include information on interview preparation and follow-up, sample values-based and case study questions, and guidance on telling the Optum Care story.

Team Performance Model: Teams that are highly engaged have a higher quality of work, make better decisions, are more creative and innovative, and are more adaptable and resilient. 

Using Statistics And Analytics In Practice: The objectives of this training are to provide an introduction to statistical concepts and application that will help you interpret the results of clinical research and research journal articles and measure the impact of interventions at your practice.