Intended Audience: UM Medical Directors with UnitedHealth Group (UHG) Learn-Source access.

Living Our Values: An Introduction (294587)  The purpose of this course is to introduce employees to the deliberate approach we take to culture at UnitedHealth Group, our values, and some of the key behavioral concepts that help us live these values in our life and work.

Quality in Action at UnitedHealth Group (320655)  Learners will develop their initial thoughts on quality at UHG and learn what quality really means at UHG. Learners will also see how we deliver on quality in each of our various roles and will learn what they can do in their individual roles to bring quality to life at UHG. NOTE: Please complete each part in its entirety or you may experience bookmarking issues in LearnSource. See Notes and Attachments section for the Quality in Action Debrief Guide.

Workplace Violence Prevention (339627)  Completing the Workplace Violence Prevention training will enable you to take an active role in preventing violence, reporting violence and protecting yourself from violence in the workplace.

Introduction to Medicare Advantage and Risk Scores (324197)  An overview course covering the basics of Medicare Advantage, risk adjustment factor (RAF) and quality programs. In this course we look at how government programs impact providers.

ERIM and You (308448)  This lesson educates employees about their responsibilities to keep and dispose of information in accordance with the Enterprise Records and Information Management policy and records retention schedules.

2020 UCS Clinical Risk Management (355785) This module is intended for Medical Directors/clinical staff to review specifics regarding benefit interpretation; case review involvement, communication and documentation best practices, and Attorney Client Privilege that will help manage risk.

Valuing Diversity and Inclusion II (284836)  This online course is designed to increase your overall knowledge and understanding about the importance and benefits of diversity and inclusion and to build a foundation to impact behavior.

OCMM Introduction to MCG (UM025)  This module provides and overview and some navigation of MCG Care Guidelines for OCMM CDO Medical Directors.

Health Literacy Overview (272969)  This course provides an introduction to health literacy, creating an awareness of the importance of health literacy and the barriers to quality, cost-effective health care associated with low health literacy.

OCMM Member Letter Language (UM026)  Discussion of language used when writing a determination.

OCMM Medicare Skilled Care-Jimmo v Sebelius (UM027)  Review of the Medicare settlement agreement between Jimmo and Sebelius.

Delegation 101: Care Provider Delegate Management (327015)  Learn about the basics of delegation including your role in delegation and where to go for more resources.

Risk Based Contracting Introduction (324742)  Risk-based Contracting 1: Introduction is the first course in a series of four introductory modules about risk-based contracting. This module provides an overview to Risk-based Contracting and the upcoming 3 modules.

Risk Based Contracting 3: Capitation Overview (324715)  Capitation Overview is the third in a series of four introductory modules about risk-based contracting. This module provides an overview of the concepts of Capitation, DOFR, and Delegation.

Risk Based Contracting Encounter Data Overview (324718)  Encounter Data Overview is the second in a series of four introductory modules about risk-based contracting.

Risk Based Contracting Putting It All Together (324821)  Risk-based Contracting 4: Putting it All Together is the fourth module in a series of four introductory modules about Risk-based Contracting. This module provides a summary of Risk-based Contracting topics.

HEDIS(r) Basics 101 (321828)  The purpose of this course is to provide an introductory overview of HEDIS(r); what is it, who uses it, why we report and other general HEDIS(r) information.

Net Promoter Score 101 Whether you’re new to the Net Promoter System or are an NPS Champion, you’ll find everything you need to know to get involved and play a part in building a better customer experience.  Customer experience is shaped by every interaction and when we focus on improving those interactions, we can create a new kind of customer experience.

OptumCare-Onboarding (5 modules) (324722)  There are 5 modules in this course, all of which must be completed in order to finish the course. To view a list of the modules, and your status for each, from My Learning click on the text OptumCare - Onboarding instead of clicking the Launch button.

Business Acumen for Physicians This business acumen curriculum is aimed at supporting over 1200 physicians in our organization and over 600 OptumCare physician partners gain an understanding of critical business concepts that impact their roles.

DSNP 2020 (applicable only if managing Dual Special Needs Plan) (354554)  This course provides an overview of DSNP for 2020.





Note: Courses listed are recommendations for self-learning. These are in addition to your organization required courses.